Circuit Telephony Connectors

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The Circuit Telephony Connector allows users to establish phone calls between the Circuit client and legacy telephony devices, connected to the public switched telephony network (PSTN) via the... More >
You can call a Circuit user directly on their telephone even if they are not online with Circuit by selecting the phone number from the user’s profile details. Prerequisites: The Circuit Telephony... More >
Prerequisites: The Circuit Telephony Connector is setup and enabled to allow Circuit users to make and receive phone calls through the Circuit application. You are on an ongoing phone call. Sending... More >
The following things have to be taken into consideration when setting up the Circuit Telephony Connectors hUTC, pUTC or ATC: A Circuit Telephony Connector needs to be set up for the customer,... More >
The Advanced Telephony Connector allows making outgoing phone calls and receiving incoming phone calls via the Circuit application using your work phone number. It allows you, also, to redirect... More >
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