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Circuit Telephony Connectors

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Once the Universal Telephony Connector is configured and active, you can assign a Circuit phone number to a user in your domain so that they are able to receive incoming phone calls through... More >
As administrator, you can integrate Circuit with your existing voice platform and allow users in your domain to make calls and receive calls through the Circuit application, in order to collaborate... More >
As an administrator you have the opportunity to create multiple Advanced Telephony Connector (ATC) users by importing their data in CSV format. Prerequisites: Create a CSV (Comma Separated Values)... More >
Prerequisites: The Circuit Telephony Connector is setup and enabled to allow Circuit users to make and receive phone calls through the Circuit application. You are on an ongoing phone call. Sending... More >
The current status of the Circuit Telephony Connectors is displayed under Administration > Telephony tab. There is one indicator for each Telephony Connector, i.e. indicator for each OpenScape... More >
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