Circuit Telephony Connectors

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Prerequisites: The Advanced Telephony Connector or the OpenScape Business Connector is setup and enabled to allow Circuit users to make and receive phone calls through the Circuit application. You... More >
As soon as the customer places an order for the Circuit Universal or Advanced Telephony Connectors to be deployed on premise, the Sales Representative from Unify or the Channel Partner who received... More >
As a member of one or more hunt groups, you can easily make yourself available or unavailable to receive hunt group calls. You simply need to set your agent status to the appropriate value.... More >
The following restriction is related to the PBX: It is not supported for the same user to have Circuit ATC and OpenScape UC functionality enabled at the same time. As for other CTI solutions, we... More >
As administrator, you can integrate Circuit with your existing voice platform and allow users in your domain to make calls and receive calls through the Circuit application, in order to collaborate... More >
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