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In order to improve usability, Circuit searches for users or contacts by their phone number and attempts to add naming information to them. This action is referred here as name resolution. A phone... More >
Domain administrators that have enabled Circuit Telephony Connector(s) are able to control whether users in their domain are allowed to dial-out directly to someone with a phone number and add them... More >
Voicemail and conference dial-in numbers configured in Circuit for a telephony connector, can be automatically configured on the OpenScape Session Border Controller (OpenScape SBC). Each telephony... More >
You can quickly start a call by using a hotkey dialing via Circuit Desktop App. Select a phone number from anywhere on your computer and press the hotkey to be redirected in Circuit phone calls... More >
Yes. You can click a URL with the tel scheme, i.e. a telephone link, to dial a phone number on the Circuit Desktop App. You need first to sign in to the Circuit Desktop App on a Windows 7 or Mac OS... More >
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