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Circuit Telephony Connectors

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All Circuit Telephony Connectors allow users to make and receive telephone calls through the Circuit application. To receive incoming telephone calls, the domain administrator must assign the phone... More >
A domain administrator, that has enabled the Circuit Telephony Connector(s), has the opportunity to configure one or more dial-in numbers and allow users to attend Circuit conferences via the... More >
The Advanced Telephony Connector allows making outgoing phone calls and receiving incoming phone calls via the Circuit application using your work phone number. By default, incoming phone calls... More >
You can call a Circuit user directly on their telephone even if they are not online with Circuit by selecting the phone number from the user’s profile details. Prerequisites: The Circuit Telephony... More >
The following things have to be taken into consideration when setting up the Circuit Telephony Connectors hUTC, pUTC or ATC: A Circuit Telephony Connector needs to be set up for the customer,... More >
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