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Circuit - How to get started

Stefan Miesbach
I'm used to be a rock-solid email-and-phone warrior. Now, I'm a known Circuit addict. So people who are new to Circuit ask me how I got so much addicted to it. How has Circuit changed my daily work ? Good question ! I actually had to think about it. It's a process, a journey. Circuit gradually transformed my way of work, without me consciously driving it or even being aware of it.

If you are new to Circuit, try this:
1) Don't think of it as yet another UC application
2) Think about the 5 individuals you have most communication with, and set up a 1:1 Circuit conversation with them
3) Think about the 3-5 most important work-streams you are involved it or you are driving. Set up a conversation with all relevant participants
4) Focus Circuit to these 8-10 topics or people, and use your existing communication systems for all the rest. For now...

Now, let Circuit defragment your interactions with these people or on these topics dispersed over your busy work time into persistent conversations. It is not the individual session or message, but the stream of those interactions, which does the magic. Find out how you can keep people and yourself up to date between meetings, how much can be resolved offline, how you can prepare meetings by posting material in advance, how you can summarize the outcome, the status, etc. Try it ! Experience the effect. On subjects that matter to you.

Dirk Stohlmann
Fully agrree Stefan, I made the same expiences.

Alexander Leenen
Yes, Stefan, I fully agree too. I think the most important point is to USE circuit in the way you need it. It is not important to use all functionalities from the first day...even start with a small usergroup and use the conversation / chat - after that you will find your own "new way to work" #NW2W with circuit! Enjoy it! :-)

Fred Guth
Thanks for sharing Stefan. I want to think I am also an email-and-phone warrior lol.

Well, I am just starting using Circuit and thought the forum could share some wisdom with me.

My first impression was a Wow! But I haven't found some features I am used to: hold a call, transfer a call. Yes I know I can make conferences, but I don't know if I can hold and transfer a call to someone else.

This make me wonder if it is intended not to have these features (or if I am just a newbie who doesn't know how to use Circuit). I really enjoyed Circuit simplicity, maybe you have to "say no" to a bunch of features to accomplish that.