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The guest access feature allows you to invite someone to join a conference in a conversation as a guest user so that they can participate in a voice, video or screen sharing session. For example,... More >
Try clearing your Google Chrome browser cache and try again. If you receive a message indicating that your password might be incorrect or you forgot your password, then reset your password and try... More >
Circuit Desktop App provides an excellent way to access Circuit on your desktop computer without having to open one more tab in your browser. It supports all the features of Circuit on the web and... More >
No, you cannot delete a 1-to-1 or group conversation, Conference Bridge or Community. These are all shared collaborative spaces where you and other people meet, chat, exchange ideas, and share... More >
In order to integrate your Microsoft Outlook (version 2007 or higher) with Circuit, a new application, called Circuit for Outlook, is available. This application can only be installed on Windows... More >
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