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Circuit SDK examples on Codepen and Github

A good number of code examples have been added to Codepen and Github during the last couple of months:

- Group call (audio & video)

- Messaging

- Direct call (audio & video)

- Circuit chat (Polymer example)

- Screenshare, etc.

 Use these to get started with Circuit! Your feedback is very welcome. 

Circuit Webinar For Technology Partners - Featuring ASC


the last days have been horribly busy, but finally I found time to upload the recording of the Webinar we've done about two weeks back. The Webinar gave an overview of the APIs available here on and explains our future engagement with partners. 



My special thanks to Johann B√∂hme, developer at ASC Technologies AG. ASC is one of the market leaders in compliant long-term recording solutions, which we use frequently for Unify's contact center solutions or in the financial services industry that require a 10 year archiving of every message. In addition to  the recording of audio, ASC is now preparing the full recording of all chat messages, users type into Circuit conversations. Johann shared his awesome experience hooking ASC's recording solution up to Circuit within a few days: "The implementation of the demonstrated chat recording integration was very easy", says Johann. "Thanks to the well documented Circuit API, we were able to bring our proof of concept to competition within a few days."

If you like to jump to ASC's part of the recording, you can fast-forward to 37:50.

Don't hesitate to leave questions here or comments.

Stefan Ried