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Salesforce Customer Success With Circuit


Everybody globally enthusiastic about cloud computing is looking at the announcements, networking and spirit at Dreamforce in San Francisco this week.

Unify and I am onsite and meet Salesforce and Unify Customers and many Unify partners. Of course we brought something exciting with us:

The integration of Circuit and

Based on the open APIs of the Circuit collaborative PaaS platform, Unify showed even two different integration scenarios and technologies:

Circuit Salesforce Extension By Unify

This is the first Circuit extension leveraging the new Circuit extension framework, which will be officially launched and explained here shortly. This native Circuit extension use the Node-injection approach (register to see this article) and actually runs on Heroku using the already available APIs of the Circuit sandbox.

The current extension captures and filters business events such as new or changed leads or opportunities from and turns them into Circuit conversations and posts with the related people.

The extension is a preview today and will be shared with full source code, here on around November this year. It's basically an advanced extension source template that should motivate you to build your own extension if you are a corporate developer, or even build a commercial Circuit extension if you are an independent software vendor or systems integrator. Everybody should feel free to productize more advanced packaged Salesforce-Circuit integration scenarios based on this source.

See the details here:


Salesforce-Circuit Integration Showcase By Informatica Cloud

Many enterprises don’t like to develop custom integrations on the coding level, even if the APIs are powerful. Many Enterprises like to have an easy-to-use middleware cloud service. One of the market leaders in that ecosystem is Informatica Cloud.

I’d like to thank the Informatica Cloud team for putting together a very impressive showcase. It is just using the Informatica Cloud Application Integration product and the published and Circuit APIs. All the rest is “just metadata” – meaning configuration of the Informatica Cloud service, that took about ONE DAY.

The showcase picks a very common situation of the sales cycle. Many sales reps just schedule meetings with prospects directly in Most meetings are not in-person but remote, and you waste a lot of time to create a calendar invite, phone bridge and a screen share session in different tools manually. The Informatica-powered integration creates fully automated a Circuit conversation and sends a calendar invite including the WebRTC video link and traditional dial-in links to the participants of meeting.

I met Ronen Schwartz, GM of Informatica Cloud today. Please see our chat and the following demo:


Don't miss to register at to get access to the full details soon.